Debtor's Prisons are back,

and they are at the core of today's middle class and small business

financial difficulties.


These economic prisons are responsible for escalating the decline of individual self-reliance, directly negatively impacting local, state and national economies and all of the services thereof, a declining infrastructure, and all key aspects of a healthy economy that are founded on the principle of a thriving democracy built on self-reliance.

We Can Do Equal Right by Correcting the Predatory Financial Model that has Unreasonably Destabilized Those Most at Risk in Economic Downturns - to Grow the Economy, Restore Self-Reliance and

Recover Lost and Essential Tax Revenues...

 An Economy Free of a Debtor Prison System will Restore Economic Stability


...Without Raising Taxes!


We Can End Economic Discrimination

We Cannot Continue to Pretend the Market is Just. The Economy is Being Consumed by a Growing Economic Injustice that Can be Rolled Back by Reversing and Modifying Pervasive Predatory Laws and Procedures that Most Impact Individuals, Minorities, Veterans and Small Business. Read More.


We Have a Duty to Reform the Consumer Credit Bureaus

The Punitive and Predatory Formula Used by the Bureaus Escalates Economic Setbacks, Creating a Modern Day Debtor's Prison For Millions of Americans and Small Business Owners.  Read More.

Democracy Must be Economically Just for All Americans

Our Economic Laws and Procedures Must Support Main Street - Not Go Stampeding Through It.  Read More.

We Can and Must Stop the Revolving Door of Opportunity

The Financial Institutions and Credit Reporting Bureaus are Mutually Pushing with Great Speed a Revolving Door of Opportunity that is Trading One Business Opportunity for Another.  As One Small Business Prematurely Closes Another is Ushered in.  The Economy is not Growing, It is Merely Changing Hands. Read More.

We Must Take the Consumer Credit Report and Score Out of Small Business Lending.

We Have an Obligation to Insist on Relationship Banking for Small Business; Small Business Owners, Their Business Investments and Personal Livelihood Must be Reasonably Protected, as are Large Corporations and Their Officers. Read More.

To 'Do


right' is a fundamental principle found in The Judicial Oath, introduced in 1789, for Supreme Court justices, affirmed along with the Congressional Oath to uphold the Constitution.