A Unique Celebration of the Human Spirit
Pewter Brushed -with-Silver and Sterling Silver


By finding courage within ourselves we give others an enormous gift. It is through our strength of spirit and resolve that we become a source of strength for others; a strength that can awaken a goodness, and even a greatness, where once there was dispair.

From Words to Live By™


Any day we can be faced with what can amount to an extraordinary moment. We can be challenged and put to the test.

Will we react in an honorable way?

From Words to Live By™


Hope has witnessed the good prevailing over evil; joy arising out of despair; calm out of trembling; success out of defeat.

It is where we turn when we have no answers. Hope is the wellspring of miracles.

From Words to Live By™

Excerpts from Words to Live By™...
THE HUMANITY BRACELET® Pendant in Sterling Silver
Each pendant comes in a velvety pouch with its own Words to Live By™ pamphlet, short essays on each of the two guiding principles.